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We have been offering all AC and related products and services for long. We believe in quality of our products and services. We test our products first before making them available to or clients. With a long time experience in AC repairs, we have earned a reputation since our team of qualified experts can fix anything related to AC repair. We do all types of AC installation and repairs. We pride ourselves on delivering to all our clients’ quality products and new leading brands. We provide the following services:

Indoor air handling

Getting the right air conditions inside your house is very important. You first need to have the right temperature, fresh air and a conditioned air handling system. This means that when the room gets hot, the automated temperature controls will automatically respond in lowering the temperature. We install all types of air handlers. If you have a large business, or a large house that requires a lot of air handling, we can install an external air handler outside, which will then be connected into the house using air ducts. If you have lesser needs, for air conditioning, then we will install automated air handling fans. This service also includes fixing air filters which trap any dust particles. It can also include smoke and poison gas detectors, all which will ensure that your house and business center stays as fresh as needed.


We have expert team for different types of repair services like heating, cooling and ventilation.We offer industrial, residential and commercial Heating & AC repair, maintenance and replacement services.

Maintenance measures

An AC related problem can be greatly avoided before it causes serious problems. For example, cleaning air ducts can ensure that an air handler keep working accordingly. A loose wiring can also cause several components of a HVAC system to fail. We therefore provide preventive mechanisms to our clients. Partly by using certified and long lasting products, and by providing comprehensive repairs and assessing the area of installation to determine the best system fit.

Instant services

As in any system, mechanical or other types of faults can occur in HVAC systems. So as to be available to our clients in such circumstances, we keep our contact lines open and fast to reach. Our contact team works 24/7 to ensure that you can reach us at any time of the day. If you happen to encounter any AC related malfunction or need, then you can contact us through our help numbers. We will be there for you when you most need us.

Installations and Repair

We install new AC systemsor replace existing ones. First of all, we send a team to assess the system to be installed o repaired. We then offer availableoptions, according to the clients’ preference. We then discuss the pricing and offer the terms of work. Mainly this includes the deadlines by which we will be through with the work. After that, we install or repair the system within the agreed duration of time.

We have remained the best AC repair and services provider because of the quality in our products good relationship with our clients. For any of your AC repairs or installations, we have a solution.