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MHY manager

We kept expecting your team to fail us when you said you were sending someone. Anyway, it was the way with most service companies. To our surprise, the team arrived on the promised time and started working immediately. They kept explaining to us what there were doing. When they had installed the system, they went over the system again to make sure that everything was in the correct place. That was very professional of them.

Ms. Sophie

The service team that worked on our heat pump was both very informative and professional.

Jesse & Luke

The maintenance services we received really pleased us much.

R. Patrick G.

I regularly visit the site your team installed the air conditioner for my house. The site was chosen perfectly. The air-conditioned has served me for two years now without ever failing. To be honest, that site reminds me of a time I received nothing but the best value for my money. Thank you and congratulations for a job well done!

Collins Bryant

You came back to inspect whether the system you had installed for us was working accordingly.


Thanks much for the new A/C unit! It so far has given the best services. My house feels like a real house once again and not like an oven!

Florence CA

The lady technician you sent for maintenance services did an excellent service. She left no AC part uninspected. She also kept telling us what she was dong. By the time her maintenance period was over, we had learnt a lot on what is expected of us towards maintain our AC system.

Err. Reagan

It was comfortable with me to have your crew working inside my house. They kept their borders and never for a moment disturbed my schedule. I would hire the team again.

Lucy Clair

When I heard about your company from my friend, I was leaving in leased apartment. The air conditioning mechanisms there were terrible, that is if they were there at all. When I got my own apartment, I was determined to make sure that the situation would change for better in my house. I then decide to try out your company. It has been two years now and I can’t say that your services are anything short of the best!

John & Mary

My wife and I recently bought new home where we intend to bring up our family. We found that the AC system was inoperative as soon as we entered the house. We called for your services. Though it the next day was a weekend, you technician still came in the morning hours you had promised. The technician found several faults in the wiring system, the AC system itself and the air ducts. We only know about the details because he kept explaining what he was doing. Since that day, the AC system has not malfunctioned again.

Harry Kings

Tell Claudio the furnace he installed for us is still working. For sure, I have never had any AC related equipment last this long. Quality product that one was!